Акционерное общество
e-mail: fanera@jakor.ru
Тел.\факс: +7 (8332) 43-22-01

Почтовый адрес: 613152, Кировская обл.,
г.Слободской, ул.Советская, д.132
Адрес (место нахождения): 129164, г.Москва,
бульвар Ракетный, д.16, оф.513


“KRASNYI YAKOR” JSC produces plywood conforming to the requirements of the customers. 

The plywood has high strength, high performance properties, low toxicity and meets the safety, health and  environment protection requirements.

Plywood quality is confirmed by the following certificates:

  • Declarations of conformity (mandatory declaration):

    - plywood FK-Interior, emission class Е1 № РОСС RU Д-RU.РА01.В.12289/22; 

    - plywood FSF-Exterior, emission class Е0,5 № РОСС RU Д-RU.РА01.В.12346/22;

    - plywood FSF-Exterior, emission class Е1 № РОСС RU Д-RU.РА01.В.12356/22;

  • Certificates of conformity (voluntary certification):

    - plywood FK-Interior, emission class Е1 № RU.ДМ31.Н00613;

    - plywood FSF-Exterior, emission class Е0,5 №RU.ДМ31.Н00614;

    - plywood FSF-Exterior, emission class Е1 № RU.ДМ31.Н00615;

  • CE-Certificate FK-Interior, FSF-Exterior  № 2787-CPR-01325 (СЕ-marking);
  • EPA TSCA TitleVI Certificate FK-Interior № TPC 6/EPA-TSCA-ULEF/M372-HWPW345;
  • CARB FK-Interior Executive order N-22-084;
  • CARB FSF-Exterior Executive order N-22-302;
  • CANFER Certificate FK-Interior № TPC 6/CANFER-SOR/M372-HWPW345;
  • Certificate "Made in Russia" № CC.000039.

“KRASNYI YAKOR” JSC guarantees:

  • Quality management system as applied to production and supply of plywood glued conforms with the requirements of GOST R ISO 9001-2015 (ISO 9001:2015) and supported by the Certificate of conformity HCC-RU-ИТ10-К-00241-21;
  • Forest management quality. The wood material from which the products shall be manufactured is logged in the forests where the international and Russian standards and rules of woodland management and exploitation are observed, which is confirmed by the FSC™  Certificate, license code No. FSC-C111935. Information for the parties in interest.