Акционерное общество
e-mail: fanera@jakor.ru
Тел.\факс: +7 (8332) 43-22-01

Почтовый адрес: 613152, Кировская обл.,
г.Слободской, ул.Советская, д.132
Адрес (место нахождения): 129164, г.Москва,
бульвар Ракетный, д.16, оф.513


АО "Красный якорь"

JSC “Krasnyi Yakor” traces its history of the plywood manufacturing back to 1938 and nowadays it is a modem socially significant enterprise representing the Kirov region timber industry. The company has gained a vast experience in the field of plywood manufacture and proved themselves to be a reliable partner.


We produce birch plywood meeting severe requirements of world standards.

We facilitate preservation of favorable environment.

We ensure benefits for Russian and foreign buyers from the purchase of our goods, thanks to perfect quality and strict fulfillment of contractual obligations. 

General vision:

We position ourselves as a fast growing successful company, Russian leader in manufacture and sales of high-quality plywood products. We carry out an intensive upgrading and expand the sale markets.

Strategic goals:

Business development. Effective resource and cost management.

Our values and principles:

  • Fulfillment of the requirements and constant improvement of efficiency of the quality management system on the basis of ISO 9001 standard.
  • Development of the company's industrial system in accordance with the principles of lean manufacturing.
  • Establishing and maintaining the confidence in the customers that all their quality requirements will be fulfilled.
  • Fulfillment of the requirements of the environmental legislation of the Russian Federation, perception of significance of nature conservation, social and moral responsibility for solution of industrial ecological problems. Carrying out the forestry activities at the woodland holdings in accordance with the principles of the “Russian National Standard of Voluntary Forest Certification according to the schedule of Forest Stewardship Council”.
  • Technical development of the manufacture, maximum attention to the processes and technologies
  • determining the main qualitative features of the products.
  • Formation of a collective of associates by advancement of professionalism of the personnel through continuity of traditions and training, establishment of attractive working conditions, including conditions of industrial safety at each working place.
  • Social responsibility. Care of the improvement of the employee's life quality.

JSC “Krasnyi Yakor” management assumes responsibility for implementation of the Policy, for assurance of its understanding and support by all the members of the collective.

JSC “Krasnyi yakor” quality policy

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